Essex County Council Regular Meeting Minutes

Closed Meeting: 6:15 PM; Regular Meeting: 7:00 PM
  • Gary McNamara, Warden, Mayor, Town of Tecumseh
  • Joe Bachetti, Deputy Mayor, Town of Tecumseh
  • Tracey Bailey, Deputy Mayor, Town of Lakeshore
  • Tom Bain, Mayor, Town of Lakeshore
  • Marc Bondy, Mayor, Town of LaSalle
  • Hilda MacDonald, Mayor, Municipality of Leamington
  • Crystal Meloche, Deputy Mayor, Town of LaSalle
  • Leo Meloche, Deputy Mayor, Town of Amherstburg
  • Richard Meloche, Deputy Mayor, Town of Essex
  • Nelson Santos, Deputy Warden, Mayor, Town of Kingsville
  • Gord Queen, Deputy Mayor, Town of Kingsville
  • Larry Verbeke, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Leamington
  • Morley Bowman
  • Aldo DiCarlo, Mayor, Town of Amherstburg
  • Larry Snively, Mayor, Town of Essex
  • Mary Birch, Director of Council & Community Services/Clerk
  • Jayne Brooks Keller, Administrator - Sun Parlor Home
  • Bruce Krauter, Chief, Essex Windsor EMS
  • Rob Maisonville, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Jane Mustac, Director of Infrastructure Services/County Engineer
  • Greg Schlosser, Director Human Resources
  • Sandra Zwiers, Director of Financial Services/Treasurer
  • Renée Trombley, Manager Communications and Organizational Development
  • Katherine Hebert, Deputy Clerk
  • Danielle Dunlop, Council and Community Services Administrative Assistant

There is a Closed Meeting scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

  • 205-2020
    Moved ByMarc Bondy
    Seconded ByGord Queen

    That Council move into a closed meeting pursuant to Section 239 (2) (h) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended for the following reason :

    • (h) information explicitly supplied in confidence to the municipality or local board by Canada, a province or territory or a Crown agency of any of them
  • 207-2020
    Moved ByTom Bain
    Seconded ByMarc Bondy

    That Council rise from the closed meeting.


Warden McNamara attended the meeting at the Council Chambers. All other members of Council participated in the meeting via video conferencing from alternate remote locations, with the exception of Aldo DiCarlo and Larry Snively, who were away. Morley Bowman, Town of Essex Alternate Member was also in attendance virtually.

There were no conflicts of pecuniary interest declared.

October 7, 2020 Essex County Council Regular Meeting Minutes

  • 208-2020
    Moved ByTracey Bailey
    Seconded ByMarc Bondy

    That the minutes of the October 7, 2020 Regular Meeting of Essex County Council be adopted as presented.


Warden McNamara welcomed the members of County Council, Administration and members of the public and delivered the following greeting:

Good evening. Today was a watershed day in Windsor-Essex.

For the first time since March 27 – the first time in nearly seven long months – the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit this morning reported zero cases of COVID-19. That’s right. Zero cases.

This is incredible news and I would like to thank you, the residents of Windsor-Essex, for everything you have done to help us achieve this remarkable result. This number is not a statistical blip and it did not happen by accident.

It happened because everyone is making sacrifices and following physical distancing profiles, because everyone is selflessly adhering to health guidelines by washing their hands frequently, wearing masks in public spaces and staying home when they are sick.

As positive as this morning’s news was, though, we need to keep our eye on the ball. Cases of COVID-19 are accelerating in other areas of the province and this terrible virus is still present in Windsor-Essex. There are still 36 active COVID-19 cases in our community. Two people are hospitalized with at least one person in the intensive care unit. There are also three workplace outbreaks.

And there is no doubt there are cases of COVID-19 out there that have not yet been identified. That’s why it is so important for people to get themselves tested if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and why it’s so important – especially now that flu and cold season is here – that people isolate themselves when they are sick. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and it will surge again if we let our guard down.

I have been heartened to see that so many residents in Windsor-Essex have been getting their seasonal flu shots and I would encourage everyone to get their shots this year. They are free, they are widely available and they are very effective. There will be even be some drive-thru clinics set up in November. The last thing this community wants right now is to overwhelm our hospitals or our COVID-19 Assessment Centres with patients suffering from flu symptoms that could have been avoided with a simple shot.

I’m also heartened to see that the Province is moving ahead with the Highway 3 widening project. Expanding this vital corridor from two to four lanes will promote commercial and industrial development and it will most definitely reduce collisions and save lives.

We have a delegation from the Ministry of Transportation here tonight to talk about the project and we’ll hear from them now.

  • 209-2020
    Moved ByLarry Verbeke
    Seconded ByMorley Bowman

    That Mr. Green and Mr. Botsford be permitted to speak to County Council.


Dan Green, Senior Manager, Transportation and Graydon Botsford, Project Engineer, MTO will discuss the widening and safety enhancements to Highway 3 for Phase 3 Contract 2. (east of CR 23 to east of CR 34 for a distance of 15 km).

Dan Green, Senior Manager, Transportation and Graydon Botsford, Project Engineer, MTO discussed the widening and safety enhancements to Highway 3 for Phase 3 Contract 2 (east of CR 23 to east of CR 34, for a distance of 15 km).

It was noted that an updated study review had been required due to the failure to meet the original deadline for project commencement.

Mr. Green presented the results of the study review and the technically preferred plan. He presented the Public Information Centre results, including a brief overview of the comments provided. The comments indicated concerns for closure and increased traffic challenges - most notably for family businesses related to the Cameron and Graham sideroad closures (the concerns included a petition against the closures). Mr. Green indicated that upon review, Cameron sideroad would be closed (as well as Inman, Upcott and Marsh) and Graham sideroad would have a traffic signal installed (as well as Belle River Road and CR 18). The traffic signals would allow for traffic smoothing.

Mr. Green noted that MTO would return to County Council for a regulatory speed change for both Division Road and County Road 18. 

County Council requested clarification on roads related to their municipalities, and noted their concern with lack of road widening and traffic signals:

  • Hilda MacDonald sought clarification on the traffic data, and questioned if the data was from 2006. She noted her concern based on the booming greenhouse industry in recent years. Mr. Green advised that the data was current and that the 2006 data was for County Road 34 and obsolete.
  • Tom Bain indicated that concerns have been brought forth in the Lakeshore community, especially by members from the farming community.
  • Nelson Santos expressed concern for the county roads in regards to agricultural and transient traffic. Mr. Green responded that a full analysis is not possible at this time. He indicated that the Highway 3 improvements and local road closures will counterbalance the traffic on the county roads. Graydon Botsford advised that they will continue to monitor the locations after the improvements to determine if further improvements will need to be made to the county roads. 
  • Gord Queen expressed his concern with the Cameron Side Road closure. Mr. Green advised that the MTO has the right to appeal if the County Council did not approve any of the side road closures, making a case for the safety concerns. The decision would then lie with the appellatory board.

Mr. Green emphasized that the desire of the MTO is to enhance the traffic conditions and reduce collisions.

Warden McNamara agreed with Hilda MacDonald's concerns regarding the greenhouse industry and the increased truck traffic in that area within the next 10 years. He noted that the growth within the last 2 to 3 years in the greenhouse industry would at minimum, double, with regards to truck traffic. The Warden further expressed that the Cameron Sideroad intersection should incur further review, and could perhaps be utilized with a traffic signal as opposed to a closure.

Mr. Green noted that the MTO and the traffic study group spent a lot of time with local municipalities and that they estimated for the future greenhouse growth. In regards to Cameron Side Road, Mr. Green advised that the decisions around traffic signals was challenging.

Mr. Verbeke reiterated his concerns for the greenhouse truck traffic and a need for a future outlook. 

The Warden thanked the MTO for sharing the information and noted that key areas under review in the corridor are very important to the citizens of the community.

  • 210-2020
    Moved ByJoe Bachetti
    Seconded ByCrystal Meloche

    That the correspondence listed on the regular agenda for October 21, 2020, be received and any noted action approved. 


October 6, 2020 - Update to Class Action Order issued to all owners and operators of agricultural farms in Windsor and Essex County.

Resolution - Seeking support of all Ontario Municipalities to pass their draft resolution concerning changes to Assessment Methodologies for Aggregate Resource Properties.

Resolution RE Development Approval Requirements for Landfills - (Bill 197)

Resolution RE Supporting City of Windsor resolution requesting Federal Government to pass legislation to ensure an ecosystem for a healthy news media to serve all Canadians.

Letter to Premier Doug Ford RE Unauthorized Car Rally and OPP Intervention 

Resolution RE Requesting the Provincial Government create a governing body for Cannabis Production.

Resolution RE Requesting the Federal Government to amend legislation governing Cannabis Grow Operations.

Gord Queen noted his ties to the area and indicated his support for the resolution. 

  • 211-2020
    Moved ByGord Queen
    Seconded ByMarc Bondy

    That County Council support the resolution Requesting the Federal Government to amend legislation governing Cannabis Grow Operations.


Resolution RE Reform to the Municipal Insurance Policy

Resolution RE Supporting COVID -19 Funding from Provincial and Federal Governments for Community Groups and Service Clubs.

Resolution RE Supporting resolution of Municipality of Tweed requesting amendments to legislation for Cannabis Grow Facilities.

Resolution RE Requesting Provincial Government to allow capital expenditures under the Safe Restart Agreement.

Thank you card for donation and compassion shown during her time of sorrow.

September 21, 2020 - Resolution RE AODA Website Compliance Extension Request.

The Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee has provided correspondence containing comments for County Council's consideration regarding this resolution.  

Gord Queen indicated that the ECAAC had reviewed the correspondence from the Town of Amherstburg and has provided feedback to County Council on the matter. He noted the ECAAC's opposition to any extension to the required deadlines for compliance and requested that Council note and file the resolution from the Town of Amherstburg.

Leo Meloche noted that the Town of Amherstburg remained committed to meeting Accessibility needs, indicating that Amherstburg was not willing to compromise accessibility. 

  • 212-2020
    Moved ByGord Queen
    Seconded ByCrystal Meloche

    That Essex County Council note and file the resolution from the Town of Amherstburg, requesting the Province to grant an extension to the AODA website compliance deadline of January 1, 2021.


There were no items for the Consent Agenda for October 21, 2020.

September 15, 2020 EWSWA Board Meeting Minutes. Aldo DiCarlo, Vice-Chair

  • 213-2020
    Moved ByMarc Bondy
    Seconded ByGord Queen

    That the minutes of the September 15, 2020 Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority meeting be received.


Report number 2020-1021-R029-ISD-JM, County Road 42 – Lands with One (1) Foot Reserve, dated October 21, 2020 from Jane Mustac, Director of Infrastructure Services Department/County Engineer

Jane Mustac presented the report details and noted that the by-law 2020-41 is also for Council's consideration. She noted the recommendation for Council's consideration.

  • 214-2020
    Moved ByJoe Bachetti
    Seconded ByMarc Bondy

    That County Council adopt By-Law 2020-41 to amend By-Law 50-2019, with the exclusions as identified.


Report number 2020-1021-ISD-R030-JM Road User Agreement - Pleasant Valley Campground, dated October 21, 2020 from Jane Mustac, Director of Infrastructure Services Department/County Engineer.

Jane Mustac outlined the details of the Pleasant Valley Campground Road User Agreement. A request was received by the County from the owners of the facility to build a private sanitary sewer, as required by the province. The Road User Agreement was given a full review and all costs remain the responsibility of Pleasant Valley Campground.

  • 215-2020
    Moved ByNelson Santos
    Seconded ByTracey Bailey

    That By-Law 2020-42 be adopted for the execution of a Road User Agreement with the estate of Micheal N. Henderson (operating as Pleasant Valley Campground) for the construction of a private sewer forcemain within the County Road 20 right of way.


Report number 2020-1021-FIN-R018-SZ, Tax Rate Reduction for Amherstburg Affordable Housing Development, dated October 21, 2020 from Sandra Zwiers, Director of Financial Services Department/Treasurer

Sandra Zwiers recommended that County Council support a tax rate reduction for Amherstburg Affordable Housing Development, and that a corresponding by-law be adopted, authorizing that a single residential tax rate be applied.

  • 216-2020
    Moved ByMarc Bondy
    Seconded ByLeo Meloche

    That County Council receive this report for information and consider adoption of By-law 2020-43, authorizing a single residential tax rate be applied to calculate the County property taxes for the affordable housing development located at 182 Pickering Dive in the Town of Amherstburg.


Report number 2020-1021-CCS-R03-RT, COVID-19 Information Update, dated October 21, 2020 from Renée Trombley, Manager, Communications and Organizational Development

Renée Trombley provided a summary of actions taken by the County of Essex, with regard to the COVID-19 Pandemic and administrative procedures.  Ms. Trombley advised that information pertaining to COVID-19 and any organizational/procedural changes were communicated to County of Essex staff weekly, as well as to both residents and families of Sun Parlor Home.

Ms. Trombley noted that the Communications team worked with Human Resources and the County of Essex Joint Health and Safety Committee to develop a 'COVID-19 Tool-kit', to ensure that staff had the resources and were properly equipped with how to deal with new processes during the pandemic. 

Ms. Trombley updated County Council on the new employee and visitor screening tool that was implemented in mid-October, 2020. She indicated that the screening tool is used for all traffic internally (for County staff at the Civic Centre and as well as other County workplace facilities) and externally (for tenants and visitors) when the facilities reopen to the public. The screening and assessment tool are available online and in-person at the entrances. It was also noted that a separate screening tool was developed for Sun Parlor Home. Costs for these tools was expected to be offset by the provincial pandemic funding.

  • 217-2020
    Moved ByRichard Meloche
    Seconded ByCrystal Meloche

    That Report number 2020-1021-CCS-R03-RT, COVID-19 Information Update be received by Council as information.


There was no unfinished business for October 21, 2020.

A Closed Meeting was held prior to the regular meeting of Council on October 21, 2020, pursuant to Sections 239 (2)(h) of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended . 

Council was provided with an update on a matter that involved information explicitly supplied by the Province.

Tom Bain expressed his disappointment with the Cameron Side Road closure, noting the petition and concerns received from local residents. He requested that County Council send correspondence to the Ministry of Transportation, opposing the closure of Cameron Side Road.

  • 218-2020
    Moved ByTom Bain
    Seconded ByGord Queen

    That County Council send a letter to MTO, opposing the closure of Cameron Side Road for Highway 3 improvements.


Warden McNamara reported on the planned engagement of a third party consultant to lead the recruitment initiative for a Chief Administrative Officer to replace Robert Maisonville, who had announced his intention to retire in March 2021. Warden requested a resolution to move forward on the engagement of the third party.

  • 219-2020
    Moved ByMarc Bondy
    Seconded ByLeo Meloche

    That County Council move forward on the engagement of a third party consultant for the recruitment of a County CAO.

  • 220-2020
    Moved ByJoe Bachetti
    Seconded ByRichard Meloche

    That By-law(s) 2020-41 through 2020-44, having been read a first, second and third time, be finally passed and enacted. 


Being a By-law to Amend By-law Number 50-2019, Being a By-law to Establish a 0.3 Metre (1 Foot Reserve) Along County Road 42.

A By-Law authorizing the execution of a Road User Agreement with the Estate of Micheal N. Henderson, operating as Pleasant Valley Campground ("Pleasant Valley")

Being a By-law to Authorize a Single Residential Tax Rate for County Tax Purposes for the Municipal Capital Facility for Affordable Housing at 182 Pickering Drive, in the Town of Amherstburg.

Being a By-law to Confirm the Proceedings of the Council of the Corporation of the County of Essex for October 21, 2020.

There were no notices of motion for October 21, 2020.

That the Essex County Council meeting for October 21, 2020 be adjourned at 8:31 PM.

  • 221-2020
    Moved ByTom Bain
    Seconded ByNelson Santos

    That the Essex County Council meeting for October 21, 2020 be adjourned at 8:31 PM.

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