Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

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Joint Meeting of the Local Accessibility Advisory Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs
Town of Amherstburg, Town of Essex, Town of Kingsville, Municipality of Lakeshore, Town of LaSalle, Municipality of Leamington, Town of Tecumseh, City of Windsor and County of Essex

Hosted by the County of Essex – Virtual Meeting

Christine Easterbrook, Chair of the Essex County AAC and Peter Best, Co-Chair of the City of Windsor AAC shall Co-Chair the meeting.   

Remarks from Gord Queen, Deputy Mayor of the Town of Kingsville and Vice Chair of the Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee. 

The Chair shall call on one municipality at a time, and members present shall provide their names and their roles with the AAC as roll call. 

The time limit for each delegation is fifteen minutes. 

Presentation on Accessibility Compliance Matters pertaining to Municipalities, and WCAG 2.0 Information and Communication Standards, Kevin Fox, Policy and Committee Coordinator, Town of Amherstburg

  • That items listed under Communications numbered 6.1 through 6.4 be received as information.  

The City of Windsor and County of Essex, in partnership with leaders from across multiple sectors, are launching a community survey and holding virtual public Zoom meetings in February and March 2021 for the development of a regional community safety and well-being plan.

Community safety and well-being plans recognize that today’s social issues are complex and must involve collaborative responses; all community members, levels of government and sectors have a role to play. These plans also work to build on existing community strengths and focus on proactive and preventative ways of dealing with identified risks.

Have a Voice - Complete the Online Survey!

Review of the legislated requirements of Accessibility Advisory Committees In Ontario Municipalities. Discussion on possibility of training for members of local AACs. (Rolf Keller)

How to serve on a municipal accessibility advisory committee: This Online Guide from the province is meant to help members of municipal accessibility advisory committees carry  out their responsibilities , engage with their municipal government and work well as a team.

In the interest of time, please be mindful that each matter of New Business has been allotted an approximate time for discussion of ten to fifteen minutes. 

Presentation of the scope of the Trails Accessibility Assessment Project and demonstration of the Data Collection Tools developed for the project. Cathy Paduch, GIS Technologist - County of Essex, will provide a demonstration of the data collection tool. (Christine Easterbrook) 

  • That information regarding the Trails Accessibility Assessment Project be circulated to local municipalities. 

Discussion regarding the sharing of information between municipal AACs and their members and potential for opportunities for collaboration. (Peter Best)

Discussion regarding the involvement of AACs in making recommendations for municipal park equipment/trails/parking/facilities. (Gord Queen)

Discussion regarding the resources that exist in each individual municipality as well as resources that are available for transportation throughout the region. (Peter Best)

Discussion regarding the prevalence of municipalities that have Accessibility Standards Documents such as the one from City of Windsor (Lisa Wallace)

Opportunity for an educational webinar RE Leader/Guide Dogs. Is there any interest in bringing in some shared training? (Sue Desjarlais)

Discussion regarding options for reusing, repurposing and recycling medical equipment. (Ron Matysek)

Canadian Red Cross Program

Article - Rolling Without Limits, What to do With Old Wheelchairs and Medical Equipment

Discussion regarding the local AACs and their top two or three activities/priorities.

Discussion regarding the frequency of future joint meetings. 

  • That the March 11, 2021 Joint Meeting of the Local Accessibility Advisory Committee Chair and Vice Chairs be adjourned at [TIME] PM.

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